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New Majority

New Majority promotes a fiscally responsible philosophy in government and an inclusive mainstream approach towards politics.

Through education and contributions, it seeks to inform its membership and contribute resources to Republican and other philosophically aligned candidates and issues that share its mission.

Political Priorities

  • Maintaining the GOP’s control in the State Legislature and locally
    • Fight Local and Statewide Ballot Measures
    • Grow Number of Republican Legislators/Prepare for Redistricting
  • Protecting California businesses from future tax increases
  • Protecting and Expanding Republican Margins in the House and U.S. Senate
  • Strengthening the GOP brand with younger, ethnic and women voters

About New Majority

how we are


Welcome to New Majority Orange County, the founding chapter of New Majority!

When forming the organization, OC Visionaries Tom Tucker and Larry Higby had the idea to create a group that promoted conservative fiscal values without having a social litmus test. New Majority now has had more than a 15 year history of supporting fiscally conservative candidates that make an impact on the state and national landscape.

Our founding members include:

  • Ambassador George L. Argyros
  • Larry Higby
  • Gary Hunt
  • Mark Chapin Johnson
  • Tom Tucker

It is our hope that you will consider joining our established organization of Orange County luminaries.

Partnering with national, state and local organizations and elected officials, the New Majority has contributed millions of dollars toward voter registration, improving the Republican brand and electing business-friendly candidates.

The New Majority employs a professional staff with fundraising, political, media, grassroots and production experience ensuring that Member resources get to where they are needed the most.



Why You Should Join New Majority


  • Over the last 20 years, New Majority has built a reputation as one of the premier political organizations in California. Our unique structure allows us to participate actively in local, state, and national politics and attract high-profile speakers on a frequent basis.
  • Our proven track record of success includes helping elect influential leaders, building valuable relationships in the early stages of a leader’s development, blocking tax increases, and funding successful ballot initiatives.


  • Our members are leaders in business, technology, philanthropy, and the public sector. This unique mix of individuals brings a variety of perspectives to a shared common interest in politics.
  • The camaraderie among our members is second to none. Members form relationships that last a lifetime.


  • We work with the best political consultants in the nation to ensure our political giving is focused on the areas where it matters most.
  • Having access to high-caliber political consultants allows members access to information that isn’t always privy to the general public. This allows for better strategic decision making and stewardship  of resources.

To be considered for Membership, a prospective member must be sponsored by an existing member. For further information, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you about New Majority!

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