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New Majority Mission

New Majority California promotes a fiscally responsible philosophy in government and an inclusive mainstream approach towards politics.

Through education and contributions, it seeks to inform its membership and contribute resources to Republican and other philosophically aligned candidates and issues that share its mission.


2016 Political Priorities

Maintaining the GOP’s control in the State Legislature and locally

In coordination with TEAMCAL, the Legislative leadership, the California Republican Party, and other coalition partners, our first priority will be to protect seats currently held by GOP incumbents to ensure the Democrats do not regain the super-majority in the Legislature. If the Democrats have a super majority, they can tax us at will.

For Republicans to be competitive in California, it is also essential that we have strong local county Republican Parties. New Majority will continue to protect GOP incumbents, and/or identify, recruit, and train candidates to defeat Democrat incumbents to local offices.

Protecting California businesses from future tax increases

Because Republicans were successful in eliminating the Democratic super-majority, the public employee unions are looking to increase taxes on the ballot in 2016. Their belief is that the high turnout election of the presidential year will give them a better chance for passage than gubernatorial years.

To that end, its not known yet what the initiative measures might look like, but there has been discussion of continuing Prop 30 tax increases, a split-roll property tax, and a service tax. New Majority will want to assist in any coalition put together to defeat these efforts.

Protecting and Expanding Republican Margins in the House and U.S. Senate

New Majority FedPAC (Federal Political Action Committee) played a key role in helping California Congressional incumbents and candidates last year. The 2014 battle brought the largest Republican margins in the House since the Great Depression and shifted the control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans.

Additionally, the FedPAC coordinated directly with the National Republican Senatorial Committee to identify U.S. Senate races throughout the nation. This effort needs to continue with increased emphasis on protecting the GOP incumbents in vulnerable seats.

Strengthening the GOP brand with younger, ethnic and women voters

New Majority has emphasized the need for more diversity within the Republican Party and supports programs that expand participation with ethnic, younger and female voters. New Majority will continue to support GROWElect, which has helped elect nearly 100 local Latino officials and seek out other groups that are looking to diversify the GOP.

New Majority and Its History

As we move through our second decade, the New Majority stands at the forefront of political change in California and the nation. New Majority members have contributed tens of millions of dollars to candidates and causes that create positive change needed to redefine the political landscape both at home in California and nationwide in Washington, DC.

To support its mission, the New Majority Political Action Committee (PAC), now California's largest Republican PAC, and the Federal Political Action Committee (FEDPAC), support candidates and promote awareness of important political matters. In addition to its leading role in political awareness, New Majority has taken a leading role in educating its members, our elected officials, the business community, and key decision-makers on critical issues.

Although Chapters have their own identities and priorities, New Majority understands the importance of interaction between chapter members. In order to ensure the sharing of information, events, resources, speakers, and ideas, Chapters and our leadership work closely together.

New Majority was founded in Orange County, in 1999 by Julia and George Argyros, Brigette and Donald Bren, Dee and Larry Higby, Gary Hunt, Barbara and Mark Chapin Johnson, Willa Dean and William Lyon, and Joyce and Tom Tucker. Since its creation, New Majority has expanded with Chapters created in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Contact New Majority

Los Angeles Chapter

Andy Gharakhani
Executive Director
phone: 818.880.5010

Orange County Chapter

Wendy Cantor Hales
Executive Director
phone: 714.481.5102

Kally Lucas
Member Services Director
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San Diego Chapter

John Franklin
Executive Director
phone: 858.792.3508

Karolyn Dorsee
Membership Director
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